WordPress Hosting Evolved

Powerful and flexible tools
for all your WordPress websites.

Managed WordPress suite
We have all the technical stuff handled – automatic updates, free ssl, security monitoring, nightly backups, WordPress user controller, analytics, server speed optimization and much more – so you can focus on building awesome sites.
Optimized for max performance
Our platform is built specifically to host WordPress sites. With state of the art hardware and highly optimized server configurations. Your site will fly.
World class support
We only hire the best WordPress technicians to provide support. No one reads from a script here.
Security and virus protection
Running all day every day you can rest assured that we are constantly checking your site for anything nasty and removing it in the background before it harms you or your customers. With added DDos protection and server level firewalls – our security system monitors and protects your site year round.
No domain? No problem!
All our WordPress sites come with a free subdomain so you can get started straight away developing your site. Easily swap it to whatever domain you like in future.
Rapid Development
Staging sites
You want to test a new plugin on the live site but you are unsure how the plugin will behave. No stress, just use our dashboard to create a staging environment.
You found the best plugins and theme and now you want to use them on a new WordPress site. Easy, just use GridGhost WordPress blueprint feature and all your favorite plugins and themes will be converted in a blueprint template.
Website cloning
It is the easiest, fastest and most secure way to copy a WordPress site, you already create the perfect site and now you want a copy of it? GridGhost got you covered with one click you can clone your entire site to a different domain.
State Of The Art WordPress Cloud Hosting

Advanced caching

Optimized database queries

DDos protection

Server firewalls

Free SSL Certs

Virus monitoring

SSD storage

Intel CPUs

10 Gb Network


Nighly backups

Staging sites

Free subdomain


Live support