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WordPress Multisite

Considering the high volume of support questions related to WordPress multisite we decided to write a mini info blog tutorial about the WP Multisite Topic.

What is WordPress Multisite?
How to install WordPress Multisite?
Is WordPress Multisite something I should consider?

What is WordPress Multisite?

WordPress Multisite is a wonderful feature offered by WordPress as part of the WP core installation.
In essence, it allows users to manage multiple WordPress websites from a single installation of WordPress. As exciting as this sounds to implement and manage this feature does involve a bit of WordPress knowledge.

However, the WordPress Multisite feature is not a plugin and can’t be activated using the standard WordPress settings.
WordPress Multisite is a feature built into WordPress CMS and needs to be turned on if you want to use it.

If you are lucky to use GridGhost as your WordPress hosting platform we can help you along the way with a multisite installation and configuration just contact our friendly support staff.

WordPress Multisite add a layer of complexity to your WordPress setup, it requires special attention to security and performance to ensure the site is safe and fast for your future customers or visitors.

Due to the extra hosting requirements, GridGhost WordPress Multisite is only available on specific plans, see GridGhost Wordpress plans for details.

How to install WordPress Multisite?

The answer to this question varies depending if you are a GridGhost customer or not.

If you are a GridGhost customer we do all the hard work for you, to have a WordPress Multisite you only need to Log In to your dashboard click on Create New Site select Project Presets Multisite and Launch the Website.

If you are not a GridGhost customer there are plenty of tutorials on how to enable multisite.
Please check WPbeginner

Is WordPress Multisite something I should consider?

Yes it, given that WordPress Multisite features will save you time and will ease the management of multiple websites.

There are a few factors to consider before jumping into a multisite WordPress configuration.

  • Do you plan to have more than one website?
  • Are your WordPress management skills above beginner level or you have the time to learn how to do certain tasks?
  • Do you plan to use the same theme and plugins for all the sites?
  • You don’t plan to heavy customize each individual site? ( considering the theme and plugins are shared by all sites if you change the theme for one site it will reflect on all the sites.

If the answers to the above questions are YES then you do qualify for a WP Multisite installation.

Example of WP Multisite case scenarios:
BBC America

BBC America ​is a cable and satellite channel that airs some of the most popular shows in television. Its website is running a WordPress multisite install, and every one of its shows has its own website. Each mini-site uses a child theme, all of which are powered by a single, main framework.


Courvoisier​ is a cognac brand found all around the world. Because it’s global, it offers various regional websites to enhance its customer service efforts. These regional websites exist under one roof but are powered by one source using a multisite install. Each regional site offers unique information and the main site features news, landing pages, and dynamic menus, all powered by WordPress.

The University of British Columbia Blogs

Founded in 1908, the University of British Columbia, ​or UBC, is British Columbia’s oldest university. It teaches over 58,000 students a year on two campuses, one in Vancouver and the other in Okanagan Valley. UBC uses WordPress multisite to give professors the ability to create course websites, build blogs that allow multiple contributors, and build portfolios for students and staff members. The WordPress multisite installation gives teachers the ability to take control of their own communities by adding students as new users and extending learning outside of the classroom.

The New York Times Blogs

Founded in New York City in 1851, the New York Times is one of America’s oldest newspapers. As more and more of America’s oldest media moves toward online forms of publishing, NYT has taken things one step further with the N​YT Blogs. ​This is a network of multiple blogs that uses a WordPress multisite installation to power over 60 blogs, which cover a wide variety of topics that range from politics and the economy to culture and the arts.


BostInno ​is a digital news agency covering current events and other topics involving the city of Boston. The site is a property of Streetwise Media, a larger digital media company. The site uses a multisite installation to power the different sub-communities that make up its site, which include Tech, Education, Lifestyle, and Partners.