Managed WordPress Hosting

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Managed WordPress Hosting

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in forums.

Do I need managed WordPress Hosting?
What is managed WordPress Hosting?
Why is managed WordPress Hosting better?

There are a lot of opinions on this topic, the answers to the above questions are debatable and can swing to either side.

Most importantly the majority of people asking this questions are non-technical and are searching for an affordable and safe solution to host their private or business WordPress site.

The answers they get from forums are all good answers but sometimes they are too technical and can be confusing.

The first thing most of the answers target is the cost of managed WordPress hosting vs the other shared hosting.
Why should you pay $30+ a month for managed WordPress hosting when you can get a plan for $3.50 / month from a cheap provider.

To better explain the differences between managed WordPress hosting and the other cheaper hostings solutions we will use some analogy.

Yes the managed WordPress hosting is more expensive so is a Mercedes Benz S Class and the first thing people think is the fact that you only pay extra for the Brand.

That is true in some aspect you do pay a premium for the brand but you do get a lot of technology and comfort packed in it.

Most of the time the technology you find in a S class Mercedes won’t funnel down to the mainstream cars for 5 to 8 years.

Getting back to the managed WordPress hosting and the analogy used above, and we go few years in the future most cars will have 4 wheels, and you still use a steering wheel to drive them with the exception of the self-driving cars.

If we assume the cheap hosting is a normal everyday car and the managed WordPress hosting is a self-driving car.

The benefits will be very easy to spot; You do pay a premium price but you don’t have to worry about driving from point A to point B.
You can enjoy the scenery and take pictures, play a card game with the other people in the car, read a book, sleep, study .. catch up on your work.

In the essence, you will make better use of that time which otherwise will be wasted behind the steering wheel. If you work remotely you can even earn more money while the car drives itself.

What is managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a self-driving optimized WordPress platform where all the manual task you normally do be automated or been one click optimized.

So your time will be better spent in improving and marketing the content of your WordPress website instead of banging your head against the wall reading trying to debug issues, trolling forums for answers and reading hosting configuration documentation. If you get stuck just ask one of the GridGhost friendly support staff and they will sort the issue for you.

Why is managed WordPress Hosting Better?

Think of it in the same way as an S Class Mercedes is better than a cheap used vehicle.
To use more technical terms, the GridGhost WordPress managed hosting platform has been built from ground up with one target in mind: “ Improve and maintain high WordPress end-user experience under any traffic load “. This keeps you out of the shop with expensive repairs and on the road driving towards your goal.

That’s why we use enterprise hardware with 100% SLA, multiple layers of caching, database optimization, hacking and DDOS protection, ultra-fast backbone network with multiple failover and redundancy points.

100% Enterprise SSD storage with high IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second), our servers are designed and optimized to handle 8000+ visits a second.

We monitor each server load for quality assurance, dynamically allocating resource if we detect a spike in the traffic and so on.

Do I need managed WordPress hosting?
We only provide the reasons the answer should be yours :
Do you need:

  • One click install WordPress Installation?
  • 60 seconds for a New WordPress site provisioning?
  • Customer support by email or live chat?
  • Automated WordPress backups for peace of mind?
  • One click WordPress recovery?
  • Antivirus Protection?
  • Hardware caching - reduce the number of WordPress caching plugins required?
  • Free WordPress site migration to GridGhost platform?
  • Automated WordPress updates rollout?
  • Free SSL for safe browsing?
  • Free subdomain for instant live access to your site?
  • Staging platform so you can control the rollout of your site?
  • BluePrint Templates so you can roll the same WordPress configuration to multiple sites?
  • Website lock so you can password protect your site during development?
  • In case you have troubles accessing the WordPress backend you can reset the password and delete users from GridGhost dashboard?

If the answer to the above questions is No, then keep reading it is Yes Click Here.

One of the main things overlooked when a question like this is posted in the forums is the following.
If you have to rent a car for a long trip with your family and friends with uncertain dangers ahead would you go for the cheapest nasties option with the risk of breaking down and ruining your holiday or for a bit extra money you get to drive the Mercedes S Class?

Also, let’s not forget about the website visitors, we live in a fast moving world where we expect everything to be working in an instant or customers will lose interest and vanish.

If your customers or visitors browsing experience is instant, ultra fast and reliable they will read more of your articles or purchase more products.

“Time is money” - time is a valuable resource, therefore it's better to spend the time on the things which bring you the maximum return on investment. Not on trying to save a few dollars and losing out in the long (and usually short term as well).

With the time saved by using a managed WordPress hosting, you can improve and maintain the quality of your website or your marketing campaign.
The return on the investment will be a lot greater than the $ you saved by using a self-managed hosting, solution and less of the headaches and stress.

From ROI perspective, if any of the features provided by our managed WordPress hosting help you convert at least one extra customer a month you already made more money then you would ever save with the self-hosting solution.

Simple Question: What would you prefer? Troll the forums to get help in case your site is not working properly or spend that time engaging with one of your potential customers?

After listing all the benefits of GrigGhost WordPress hosting and your answer to the question “Do I need managed WordPress hosting ?” is still NO then you don’t need a managed WordPress hosting solution.

If the answer is Yes then don’t waste any more time your future customers are out there waiting for you to provide them with products and services.